Paris to vote on banning e-scooter rentals

Paris to vote on banning e-scooter rentals

Parisians will soon be called on to vote on whether to allow e-scooter rentals to continue in the city after a rash of accidents and accusations of unseemly behaviour.

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo told Le Parisian the issue was "extremely divisive".Critics claim riders ignore rules against using e-scooters on pavements and show only minimal respect for road laws. 
Riders are also accused of leaving the rented scooters in parks or even dumped in the Seine River.But adherents say the e-scooters are a fast and flexible means of transport that's easy on the environment and the pocket.

Paris has a fleet of about 15,000 scooters, according to France24, divided between three companies.

The referendum, which Hidalgo said would simply be framed as "do we or don't we continue with free-floating rental scooters", is set for April 2.

Hidalgo said she favoured a ban personally but that the issue would be up to Parisians.

The rental companies already face their licences expiring in March. 

E-scooter rentals continue to be a controversial issue in Australia too, for largely similar reasons.

Sydney began a 12-month trial of e-scooter rentals in restricted areas in the middle of last year.

Melbourne and Brisbane both have approved companies to rent out e-scooters on their streets.